Johnny Hollow Music returns to the stage for a full length set including songs from the upcoming album!! Joining Johnny for the night will be the amazingly talented Dr. Draw as well as The Serpentina North Ensemble!! Setting the musical backdrop and enticing you out on to the dance floor will be none other than DJ Darkness Visible. As a special treat we will be screening the short film The Facts in the Case of Mr. Hollow featuring the music of JH.



  • Johnnys returning to the stag!

    Welcome to our new lair. This is our little booth in the world shopping mall. We liked it the quiet deep underground, but it was getting lonely. So here is our new home: friendly, accessible, and up-to-date, and we are reaching out from the cauldron with a friendly steam-sanitized hand so that you can connect with us without having to go through a maze or crack riddles, like back in the old days. Don’t worry, you can still access those shadowy places by following the links on this site, if you want to. Please do. They’re fun. But here we are, now, it’s 2011 and the world is a shopping mall and even Johnny Hollow needs a place in it if he is to grow up and become a man. To our longtime followers, we are absolutely delighted that you are still with us. If it weren’t for you, we would still be stewing underground. To our new visitors, please drop your eyes to half-mast and gently sway while repeating the oath: ‘Johnny Hollow is a bad, bad, boy’ three times slowly, then emerge from your hypnosis as a new and avid fan. Thank you for your support. We hope you will find everything you’re looking for here: lovely art, pretty pictures, thoughts and afterthoughts, and most of all, music for the fierce of heart and thoughtful of mind.

    THIS HOLLOW WORLD – Music Video
    This is our very first official music video, co-directed by our very own Vincent Marcone, and featuring latex and vintage apparel by several talented contributing designers. And there’s a giant donkey! CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO

    Johnny Hollow’s second album was conceived in Guelph Ontario and produced at Orange Lounge studios in Toronto. There is a soundtrack quality to the voluptuous tracks, which range eclectically from cabaret to electronic, but all feature Johnny Hollow’s signature instrumentation, with Kitty’s crazy cello and diverse vocals. ‘Stranger’ was recently featured in the television show Being Erica, and ‘This Hollow World’ and ‘Nova Heart’ appeared in the series ‘Lost Girl’.

    ONLINE STORE – JH Music & Swag
    Finally! You can purchase CD’s and T-shirts and from the reliable folks at KillThe8 and have them conveniently shipped to your door, anywhere in the world. Digital downloads are still available at CDbaby if you wish to forgo the sensational album art by Vincent featured in the physical copies.

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